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Get to Know Me

Trauma-informed care from a life long healer and guide. 

Welcome! If you are here, you are wondering a bit about me and California Trauma Marriage and Family Therapy. When describing myself quickly I say, "I'm a trauma therapist". But what does that mean? And why come to work with me? I chose to be a therapist specializing in trauma when I saw a deep need for it specifically when it came to living a life with trauma. After getting my bachelors in Political Science, International Relations from UCLA I spent some time working, starting law school, and searching for my purpose while balancing life. I knew I needed trauma informed care, a therapist and others that understood. So I set out to create and provide that healing space.  
I received my Master's in Marriage and Family Counseling from the California Professional School of Psychology.  After my experience, I have learned that there is a no ‘one-size’ fits all when it comes to healing from Trauma or from an abusive or unstable childhood home. Therefore, we will assess your unique needs, goals, and ways of understanding and processing your life. Some modalities such as Brainspotting are very useful and get to the root (or bottom) of where your trauma is stored. Thereby, affecting how you experience, feel, think, process emotions etc. I understand that this one tool. It is also important to address self care, maintenance, and to build resiliency. I am here to help guide and create a safe space of understanding where you can process what you need, and build your core ability to heal. You have it within you, the goal is to access it and build upon it. 

"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself." 

California Trauma Marriage and Family Therapy is my business name and I am also an affiliate with Pacific Trauma Center in Folsom CA, where I get up-to-date experience with Brainspotting (a trauma therapy modality) and work with other therapists in the trauma field. To learn more about Brainspotting and the center, check out that website at

When I am not with clients or researching trauma and in my free time you can catch me enjoying the 'seemingly small moments in life" with my dog whom I adore. I enjoy travel, concerts, reading, art, watching TV or movies, writing, cooking, enjoying the outdoors by way of hiking, being on the water, or sitting serenely taking in the the magic of nature. Don't be surprised to hear me use a cliche or quote (or two) such as, "You've mastered survival mode, now it's time to live." 

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