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Couples Therapy 

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Professional Here to Guide You

Relationships bring all sorts of phases- and ups and downs, lefts and rights. Therapy is a tool for you, the couple, to work towards common goals for your relationship. Whatever those goals may be. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I utilize work from EFT, Gottman, Attachment, and trauma informed care to provide a place for you to learn about yourselves and your relationship. People usually come to couples counseling when they have reached a point where there needs to be a change. However, Couples counseling can be useful at any point in your relationship. It's a wonderful place where for a moment in your life you get to set time away to explore how one of the most important relationships in your life can utilize change, love, understanding, healing and communication etc.

Couple’s therapy provides the space and time to look at your relationship, your roles in your relationships, your triggers and pain, and then provides a space to create that change, together. My clients tend to report that my intuition, acceptance, and use of a trauma-informed framework combined with my education and experience is what brings them to work with me. Give me a call to see if we are a good fit and we can schedule a 20 minute free consultation.

Fee: $150 for 50 min, $225 for 80 min

Marriage Counseling Sacramento

Relationship Therapist Sacramento

Relationship Counseling Sacramento

Couples Counseling Sacramento

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