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Why Therapy with Telehealth?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

During this time in Covid 19 we have been forced to move mental health care to telehealth. Why is this beneficial and what are some drawbacks?

First, let's start with the negative so we can get that out of the way. The most evident drawback is that we are not in person. There is strong evidence to provide that our nervous systems being the same room help to regulate each other. The therapists attunement to the client is often the most powerful tool that they have. And it works! Our mirror neurons are primed to respond empathetically and when we can see your whole body and feel your emotions we are able to be more in tune.

Another is the technological glitches. Your therapist shouldn't be freezing in real-time.

Now the positives- anyone can attend therapy! You no longer need to be physically in the same town as your therapist, and this can mean more in-tune, specific, and quality care. You can see any therapist within the state that you reside, if your therapist is licensed in that state.

Telehealth has also allowed for more flexibility. No longer are the days of rushing to your car and then through traffic just to go deal with more emotions in therapy. By providing therapy online you can hop on your phone or computer anywhere where you feel there is safety and security. Some people even love being able to stay home and cuddle with their furry animals or process their trauma in a familiar space.

Specific care is another positive to telehealth. Because the pool of possible therapists has opened up, you are now able to find a professional with the specific skills that help you. Therapy is expensive and it takes time and work to see results. Why not find a good fit? Through telehealth you can feel less guilty about moving onto another therapist or seeing a therapist that is 400 miles from you but you know has your back and will support your healing.

I work well with adults who have been through trauma. And adults who have been through sexual abuse. My clients are now able to find me without having to be in the same town physically. This means that my care can extend beyond where I physically am. And this is the ultimate benefit, because I believe everyone deserves to heal from the pain and stagnation of trauma.

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